Att köpa kattunge


I follow Fife and SVERAK's rules and regulations for breeding. 

If you buy kitten by me, it's: 

least 12 weeks old on delivery

Vaccinated against cat pest, cat nut and cat paw test (2 times) according to health program

Veterinary inspector, according to SVERAK's rules. The certificate is not older than 7 days when moving.

ID tagged, chipped

Pedigree and registered in SVERAK

Hidden errors insured in AGRIA

The kitten's parents were tested negative for FIV / FeLV and HCM within PawPed's health program


Breeding on quality food

Used for daily handling / socialization and space riots


The kittens are not masked automatically. On the other hand, they are checked in a lab if they are wearing a mask. If the sampling shows a worm, they are wiped off naturally.



Visits will take place at the earliest when the kittens are 4 weeks

The kittens are sold as cats, kittens or walk in pairs

The buyer should re-vaccinate the cat against cat fever / cat nugget and have the cat insured

The cat should be castrated from the earliest 6 months of age



Are you allergic? Have you been to test homes and tested your allergy? If not, you should do so before proceeding to the purchase tanks. 


Interest / things up / purchase


A first contact is taken by you as an interest via mail, where you describe a little about you and your family. How do you live? Do you have access to a farm? Embedded balcony? What does the potential for activation look like? What can you offer your future kitten? What are your plans regarding exhibition, breeding, castration?


Then I will call you for further calls. Unfortunately, it may be that the number of stakeholders exceeds the number of kittens. Then I will make a selection and look at what you can offer my kitten, everything for both the best and the best of yours;)


Once we have agreed on which cat suits you best, a dot contract will be written and the penalty fee (20% of the purchase price) will be paid.


When the kitten is at least 13 weeks, you are welcome to pick up your fur coat. The remaining part of the purchase price is then paid via SWISH or direct deposit on my account.


I will be there for you when it comes to questions about health, breeding, exhibition or just good advice!